Two men position a large pole in place that is being held up by a crane. To the right is a playground.
SETTING IN PLACE:  Shade sails are being installed at Webb Park in Ashmont and Lingiari drive in Lloyd.

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Pole position! Shade sails being installed in playgrounds in Wagga Wagga

Published: 28 Jul 2023 9:47am

Poles were installed this week at various playgrounds in the Wagga Wagga area in preparation for shade sails to be installed to provide more shade in the summer months.

Contractors are currently putting in shade sails at Webb Park in Ashmont and Lingiari Drive in Lloyd to provide more sun protection for playground users and carers.

It will take 10 – 14 days for the cement to cure that holds the poles in place, then the sails will be mounted.

Following this, more shade sails will be installed in late August at the Wagga Wagga Multisport Cycling Complex at Pomingalarna Reserve.

Two men position a large pole, that is being held up by a crane, into the ground next to a playground.
LOWERING IN PLACE: Local contractors install the poles in which shade sails will be mounted on in Webb Park in Ashmont on Wednesday.

Works and Playground Officer John Conlan said this is part of Council’s initiative which aims to increase the amount of shade over playgrounds in the Local Government Area.

“The installation of shade sails at selected playgrounds is being rolled out as funding becomes available,” Mr Conlan said.

“Native and deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves during the cooler months) were also planted adjacent to all playgrounds in early June to improve the natural shade to these areas.”

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