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RAMMED EARTH LECTURE: Rick Lindsay, Managing Director of Earth Structures, will be holding a lecture on Rammed Earth at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on Friday 23 June 2023.

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Art, Architecture and Sustainability events coming up at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Published: 21 Jun 2023 2:26pm

The Wagga Wagga Art Gallery in collaboration with Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) Riverina is pleased to present two events this week; a Rammed Earth Lecture, Friday 23 June, and ADFAS Special Interest Day – Art, Architecture and Sustainability, Saturday 24 June.

Rammed Earth Lecture - Friday 23 June

The ‘Rammed Earth’ lecture, presented by Rick Lindsay - Managing Director of Earth Structures, will be presented on Friday 23rd June at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery.

Raised in Wagga Wagga and now living in the Victorian Highlands, Mr Lindsay has worked with rammed earth for the past thirty years constructing buildings around the world.

The Rammed Earth Lecture will be held Friday 23rd June,  6pm – 7pm. For tickets and further information go to www.waggaartgallery.com.au/whats-on/programs-and-events

Art, Architecture and Sustainability – Saturday 24 June

An engaging morning of stimulating talks and a panel discussion about sustainable building and living will be held at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on Saturday 24 June.
The discussion will explore ways of shaping a greener future through architecture, living well, sustainability and stewardship of land.
Panel discussion will be facilitated by Sally Bryant – ABC Riverina.


  • Rick Lindsay – Sustainability building consultant Earth Structures, Mansfield, Victoria
  • Carly Martin- Principal, Akimbo Architecture, Albury
  • Dr Chris Orchard – Artist and WWAG Environmental Thinker in Residence
  • Pete Reed – Off-grid Homeowner, Wagga Wagga

This ADFAS Special Interest Day: Art, Architecture and Sustainability will take place at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery on Saturday 24th June, 9:30am – 12:00pm. For tickets and further information go to www.waggaartgallery.com.au/whats-on/programs-and-events

a graphic of 4 panelists and facilitator for a Art, Architecture and Environmental Sustainability discussion.
PANELISTS: The panelists for the Art, Architecture and Sustainability discussion on Saturday 24 June include Rick Lindsay, Carly Martin, Pete Reed and Dr Chris Orchard.

About Rammed Earth:

Rammed Earth is an ancient form of construction dating back to Neolithic times. It has been found at archaeological sites such as those of the Fertile Crescent and in China dating to 5000 BCE including the Great Wall of China. It has been revived recently as a sustainable building method.

Predating the practice of mud brick building, rammed earth constructions – foundations, floors, walls - are made with natural raw materials such as earth, chalk, lime or gravel.

Structures of rammed earth are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than many traditional building techniques. Because rammed-earth constructions use locally available materials, they usually have low embodied energy and generate very little waste.

Soils used are typically subsoils, which conserves the topsoil for agriculture. When soil excavated in preparation for a foundation can be used, the cost and energy consumption of transportation are minimal.

The density, thickness, and thermal conductivity of rammed earth render it an especially suitable material for passive solar heating.

About ADFAS:

ADFAS Riverina has been holding illustrated lectures and interest days for members and guests in Wagga Wagga for thirty years. Topics range across many subjects and interests from architecture, fine art, history, literature, film, landscape, theatre, design, conservation and music, to name a few. For further information go to www.adfas.org.au/societies/riverina