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AMENDED: The public can view and make submissions on the amended Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 while it is on public exhibition.


Development Control Plan amendments on public exhibition

Published: 27 Oct 2023 10:39am

Wagga Wagga City Council is inviting public submissions on amendments to the Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 (WWDCP 2010), which were endorsed at Ordinary meeting of Council on Monday 23 October 2023.

The document is on public exhibition for 28 days from 27 October.

The amendments have been prompted by the acknowledgment by Council that the WWDCP 2010, which was developed 13 years ago, in some areas is out of date, incorrect, lacked clarity and required updating to reflect changes in legislation.

While a new comprehensive WWDCP is being prepared, the amendments to the current plan ensures the document remains contemporary and usable until the new plan is adopted.

Wagga Wagga City Council Manager Development Assessment & Building Certification Paul O'Brien believes the amendments were necessary, but they should not greatly affect Development Applications.

“The revised Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 is more consistent in its wording, eliminates information that was out of date or no longer relevant, and has been updated to reflect legislation changes,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Developers will need to re-familiarise themselves with the WWDCP 2010 to ensure their Development Applications align with the changes, however the new document will be easier to read and interpret.

“We do not expect the amendments to the document will prompt significant changes to the way Council assesses Development Applications.”

The amended Wagga Wagga Development Control Plan 2010 will be on public exhibition from Friday 27 October until Friday 24 November 2023 to allow for public submissions.

To view the document and make a submission visit the Have Your Say website