Close up shot of multiple grocery items, boxed snacks, biscuits, condiments, and more.
GIFT OF GIVING: There is still time still left to donate non-perishable food items and toiletries to the Library Christmas Food Appeal, which ends 4pm Sunday 21 January.


Don’t forget to donate to the Library Christmas Food Appeal

Published: 10 Jan 2024 4:12pm

The team at Wagga Wagga City Library is thanking local community members for supporting the Library Christmas Food Appeal, with time still left to donate non-perishable food items and toiletries.

For more than 15 years residents have been donating to the Library Christmas Food Appeal, which provides aid to families experiencing difficulties over Christmas and the new year. Already the appeal has seen generous donations from the local community.

Council Library Services Acting Manager Michael Scutti says if you have not yet donated, there is still a chance to drop off items until 4pm Sunday 21 January.

“The program continues to be a great success year-on-year due to the generosity of Wagga Wagga residents” Mr Scutti said.

“We have received numerous bags full of items to donate, one resident brought in seven full bags in one go.

“The appeal is just one of the many programs the library offers, which promotes equal opportunity and connection within our communities, and we are proud to continue it each year.

“All donated items are given to Ashmont Resource Centre, Carevan, and Tolland Community Centre to be distributed as needed in the area.”

Several deliveries have already been made over the Christmas and New Year period, with more still to come as families battle back-to-school expenses.

“Even though Christmas is over, there are still many families struggling with the costs of holidays before the start of the school term,” Mr Scutti said.

Multiple grocery items sit in a small metal trolley.

“Donating is flexible. On your next grocery shop you could add a few extra items in the basket or clean out your pantry and donate anything still well within its use-by date.

“Some of our regular visitors like to bring a single donation with them each time, while other people may make a unique visit to donate all items in one go.”

Useful items to donate can include tinned vegetables and fruit, cooking oil, canned beans and legumes, pasta, rice, noodles, flour, long-life milk, tea, sugar, dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry powder or baby wipes.

A more detailed list of suggested donations can be found on the library website:

Wagga Wagga City Library

Make sure to check the use-by date first and ensure items have plenty of time before expiry.

Donations can be handed in at the library located at the Civic Centre, or via one of the library’s Agile Van services.