Puppet Great White Shark appearing behind cage filled with children
SHARK MEET: Audience members surprised by sudden appearance of a great white shark behind their cage!

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Explore the ocean depths this school holidays without getting wet

Published: 09 Jul 2024 2:58pm

Calling all thrill-seekers and ocean enthusiasts! Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the deep blue sea as Shark Dive makes a splash in Wagga Wagga this week.

Perfect for all ages, this limited-time event offers participants the chance to dive alongside sharks and ocean creatures in a thrilling immersive theatre experience, unlike anything seen on the Civic Theatre stage.

Shark Dive offers a unique choose-your-own-adventure style experience that's sure to delight even the most restless of youngsters.

Participants will be transported to a virtual underwater world where they can interact with stunning marine life, including sharks, sting rays, sea dragons, and colourful fish, all without leaving dry land.

The immersive environment combines cutting-edge puppetry with theatrical elements to create a realistic and engaging experience.

Great white shark puppet with rig and performers
DON'T LOOK NOW: The shark is skillfully operated by trained puppeteers.

Civic Theatre Manager Claire Harris is thrilled to be bringing such a fun and interactive performance to our city during the school holidays.

“The experience is perfect for all ages and especially for those kids who don’t enjoy sitting still in a theatre seat for an hour,” Ms Harris said.

Created by world-renowned puppeteers, Erth Visual & Physical Inc., Shark Dive invites audiences to either ‘Play it Safe’ or ‘Take a Risk’: they choose their own soundtrack on headphones, bringing the experience to life as they move through three distinct spaces including being enclosed within a shark cage encountering life-like puppet sharks and other sea creatures.

“This is truly going to be an experience to remember,” Ms Harris said. “We are transforming the theatre into an underwater playground.

“Before and after the virtual shark dive we encourage families to stay in our foyers for under the ocean themed craft stations and to visit the Shark Bite CafĂ©.”

Erth’s Shark Dive will be presented at the theatre from 10-12 July 2024.