Donkeys and zookeeper


Animals enjoying life at the zoo

Published: 03 Apr 2020 1:38pm

Life might be like a box of chocolates for us humans at the moment, but be assured it’s fun times as usual for resident donkeys Forrest and Shrimp at the Wagga Wagga Botanic Gardens Zoo and Aviary.

Wagga Wagga City Council staff are working every day to ensure the health and wellbeing of all the animals at the zoo despite it being closed to the public amid the pandemic situation.

Forrest and Shrimp, the father and son donkeys who delight so many visitors to the zoo, and all the other animals are receiving 100 per cent attention and care from Council staff during the shut down.

“All the animals are doing just fine,” zoo curator Kieralee Tori said.

“We are giving them plenty of attention - visiting the enclosures, feeding and watering them, and taking them on walks to ensure they still have that human contact.

“They are all in good spirits and enjoying a nice change in weather after a hot summer.”

Council Manager Parks and Strategic Operations Henry Pavitt said there was plenty of activity at the zoo and aviary with works being undertaken as part of an ongoing improvement project.

“When we eventually re-open I’m sure our regular visitors will notice all the works and improvements that have taken place,” Mr Pavitt said.

“We’re creating new enclosures and working on paths and fencing – our staff have been extremely busy getting this project to fruition.

“The zoo has always been one of Wagga’s favourite attractions to community members and visitors alike for many years, and we want to enhance that experience when the gates open and we can fill this place with happy faces again.”

It is expected new enclosures and more exhibition space will be completed towards the end of the year.

Mr Pavitt stressed social distancing and appropriate measures in line with Federal Government guidelines were in place for staff to allow the zoo projects to continue.