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Active Travel Plan: North Wagga Wagga section of the CSU Link set to start

Published: 06 Aug 2020 10:08am

The CSU Link of the Active Travel Plan shared pathway is set to start in North Wagga Wagga.

The Active Travel Plan forms part of Wagga Wagga’s Integrated Transport Strategy, and the CSU Link will provide a safe corridor for cyclists traveling from the CBD to Estella and Charles Sturt University (CSU).  

The majority state-funded project must adhere to a strict delivery timeline, with the entire $12.81M project to be delivered by May 2021.

Council General Manager Peter Thompson said the funding received for the commuter cycling network is exclusively for this project and cannot be used for any other projects in the city.

“Works on this link were recently stopped at the North Wagga levee while consideration was given to the best approach for this section of the Active Travel Plan given we are progressing the floodplain planning for raising the flood levee in the future,” Mr Thompson said.  

The pathway will continue along the levee bank adjacent to Wall and Gardiner streets with an interim surface, providing a safe travel route for pedestrians and cyclists.

“A number of options were put to both Council’s Executive team and Councillors to determine the best way forward, both in terms of location of the route, and materials to be used for the shared pathway,” Mr Thompson said.

Mr Thompson said the outcome from the meetings was to construct a “temporary” asphalt section atop the levee, so meeting the requirements of the ATP to provide a “safe and direct route” to users wishing to travel around the city, while also not impacting any future works to the levee.

“Any future work on the North Wagga levee will include the replacement of this section of the Active Travel Plan, and will be costed in to the project,” Mr Thompson said.

Wagga Wagga City Council received $11.35M in funding from the NSW Government to implement the city’s commuter cycling network in 2019.

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