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New permanent off-leash area in Wagga Wagga

Published: 10 Jul 2020 11:55am

Dog owners and their pets now have permanent access to a new off-leash area for exercise and activity in central Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga City Councillors have approved the new area at Wiradjuri Reserve after a successful 12-month trial which recently finished.

The new area is between the pebble beach and boat ramp and will be restricted to use in daylight hours only.

Council Director Community Janice Summerhayes said off-leash areas across the city are an important part of community life.

“We need areas where our dogs can run, exercise and socialise with other dogs and pet owners,” Ms Summerhayes said.

“This new area is particularly popular because it runs next to the river and water access is always an attraction for many dogs.

“The 12-month trial gave us the chance to assess community feedback about the new area and with a very positive response we are happy to provide this area as a permanent and suitable location for dogs and their owners.”

Wiradjuri Reserve is the eighth off-leash area in the city, which include an agility track at O’Halloran Park near Lake Albert.

For more information about off-leash areas around the city, contact Council customer service on 1300 292 442.


  • Off-leash areas are only available for use in daylight hours
  • You must have control of your dog at all times. Even though it is an off-leash area, you must prevent it from harassing, attacking and chasing other people or animals. Any attacks may result in a Dangerous Dog Declaration being placed on your dog, and you may be liable for any damages.
  • All faeces must be picked up and placed in waste bins.
  • Your dog must be wearing a collar with identification tags and be lifetime registered.
  • Declared Dangerous Dogs and Restricted Breeds are prohibited to be off-leash in an off-leash area.
  • Where the areas are fenced, wheeled recreational devices and motor vehicles are prohibited.
  • Any breach of these requirements could result in infringements being issued to the owner and/or the dog being impounded.