Motorists urged to ‘Slow Down’ on local streets

Published: 08 May 2020 12:43pm

Drivers travelling along Wagga Wagga’s streets are being encouraged to slow down in a new initiative to help make local roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

The “Slow Down In My Street” campaign is being delivered by Wagga Wagga City Council in partnership with Transport for New South Wales, with support from NSW Police.

All three are working together with the community to make local streets safer for everyone.

Council’s Manager Technical & Strategy Peter Ross said speeding remains the leading contributor to death and injuries on NSW roads, accounting for about 40 per cent of road fatalities. Between 2014 and 2018, 730 people were killed and more than 18,000 were injured in NSW.

In the Wagga Wagga City Council area speed was a contributing factor in 17.8% of all crashes which is a higher rate than the rest of NSW at 15.7%.

“Many of us know of people who have been seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash as a result of speed. Our aim is to reduce the number of those injured and to raise awareness of safe driving behaviours in our community,” Mr Ross said.

“‘Slow Down In My Street’ is a local road safety initiative that encourages motorists to slow down on local roads and drive to the conditions. Wagga Wagga’s streets are community places for all road users, whether driving, cycling or walking. Our community needs to feel safe using our streets and this responsibility rests with all of us.”

Council’s “Slow Down In My Street” campaign will focus on Hampden Avenue towards Cartwrights Hill, Gregadoo Road, Henwood Avenue, Copland Street and Red Hill Road which have all been identified as locations where excessive speed is a concern.

The campaign will run over a five-week period with a speed activated radar display sign and bollards with the message “Slow Down”, to encourage motorists to drive safely.

NSW Police Wagga Wagga Local Area Command will enforce speed limits on local streets during the campaign in May and June 2020. Fines and demerit points will be issued to motorists caught speeding.


SLOW DOWN: Sending a clear message to local motorists this week was Wagga Highway Patrol’s Sergeant Steve Bloomfield with Council Road Safety Officer Emma Reynolds and Manager Technical & Strategy Peter Ross.