Woman standing next to series of artworks
ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: Artist Jacko Myers with her artwork Studio Portraits 2020.

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A unique approach to image making

Published: 09 Feb 2021 2:48pm

Local art collectors with a keen interest in acquiring new artworks will be intrigued with Wagga Wagga Art Gallery’s latest exhibition, The Art Factory: 5 Years.

The exhibition celebrates the growth, creative practice and community engagement of The Art Factory Supported Studio, which supports artists living with a disability.

The studio, established in 2016 at Wagga Wagga’s Riverina Community College, has grown from a modest group of 7 artists to its current contingent of 35 artists. The studio encourages its artists to explore new materials and themes and develop their own unique approach to image making.

Art Gallery Director Lee-Anne Hall said the honesty of the exhibition was impressive.

“Every work is personal,” Ms Hall said.

“The artists are extremely passionate about what they do and quite prolific – some have already held solo exhibitions.

“Art is a form of visual communication that transcends so may barriers. It’s beautiful to see artists expressing how they feel about the world, their interests, and how they see the world through art.”

The Art Factory: 5 Years presents dynamic and insightful works by Chris Salter, Isobel Lambert, Ivan Harradine, Jacko Myers, Kellie Hulm, Lilly Salmon, Lorraine O’Hara, Richard Thomas, Samra Angilo, Scott Lea, Steven O’Hara, Tanya Crawshaw and Wayne Emerson.

The artworks in the exhibition are available for purchase.

Main image: Artist Jacko Myers with her artwork Studio Portraits 2020.