Exterior of Council Civic Centre


Impact of COVID-19 on Council services

Published: 12 Jan 2022 4:25pm

Wagga Wagga City Council announced on Friday that the 'Reduce Re-use Recycle' (RRR) shop at Gregadoo Waste Management Centre will be closed from Saturday to Monday inclusive (5-7 February) due to COVID related staff shortages.

At this stage, other facilities and services continue to operate as normal despite some impact on staffing levels due to COVID-19.

Acting General Manager Michael Keys said this situation may change as COVID-19 continues to move through the community, and Council will keep the community updated.

“Like all businesses and organisations, Council is susceptible to the impacts of COVID-19,” Mr Keys said.

“Council is therefore always preparing for situations such as this and has plans in place to accommodate the needs of staff while continuing services to the community as normally as possible.

“Any changes that may impact Council services in coming weeks will be communicated to the community.

“Council acknowledges the co-operation and efforts of all staff who are able to continue in their service to the community while trying to protect themselves and their families.”

Books on shelves at library

At this stage, Council’s cultural facilities and businesses remain open to the public.

This includes the City Library, Art Gallery, Civic Theatre, Museum of the Riverina, Oasis Aquatic Centre, Gregadoo Waste Management Centre, the Cemetery and the Livestock Marketing Centre.

Any postponements or cancellation of performances at the Civic Theatre will be communicated directly to ticket holders by theatre staff.

Civic Theatre at night

Council continues to take advice and guidance from the New South Wales Government (NSW Health).

To stay up-to-date on any changes to Council’s facilities and services, visit wagga.nsw.gov.au/servicechanges