Five goats grazing on some green grass in a small field in front of a wattle tree and tin shelter.
NEW HOME:  The Wagga Wagga Zoo & Aviary’s five goats have gone to their new home after expressions of interest were sought from the community in June.


Goats happy together at their new home

Published: 15 Aug 2023 12:38pm

The Wagga Wagga Zoo and Aviary’s five beloved goats have moved to their new home to live out their days together.

In June, Council called for Expressions of Interest to find a suitable home or homes for the goats who had been living at the zoo for many years, but have not been on public display for some time.

Bilbo, Rocky, Lumpy, Scraggles, and Figwit are older goats who are much loved by the community and the zoo staff.

Five goats grazing in a paddock under a large wattle tree.
HAPPY HOME: Bilbo, Rocky, Lumpy, Scraggles, and Figwit enjoying grazing at their new home in the Wagga Wagga region.

Zoo Curator Wendy McNamara said “the goats were happy and healthy here at the zoo, but it was important for us to find a new home for them where they would have plenty of space, plus access to grass, shade and a shelter.

“The new owner was selected as they were able to accommodate all five goats and it was our preference for them to stay together,’’ Ms McNamara said.

A young woman with 4 large goats in a fenced off area.
BELOVED AT THE ZOO: The goats were previously living at the Wagga Wagga Zoo & Aviary until moving to their new home last week.

The goats were taken by their new owner to their new home last week, where they immediately took to happily grazing on the green grass under a wattle tree.

Whilst there are still many animals at the Wagga Wagga Zoo and Aviary to keep the staff and volunteers busy, the goats will be missed, and we wish them well at their new home.

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