A large cardboard display to promote net zero emissions is in the middle of the frame. The text on the display reads
NET ZERO: The roadmap supports and educates our community on how to collectively achieve state and local NZE goals.


Net Zero Emissions 2050 Community roadmap adopted by Council

Published: 23 Nov 2023 1:42pm

The Wagga Wagga Net Zero Emissions (NZE) Community 2050 Roadmap has now been adopted by Council after the 20 November Ordinary Council Meeting.

The draft Roadmap was endorsed by Council to go on public exhibition earlier this year, with the exhibition period wrapping up on 22 September 2023.

Council Strategic Sustainability Advisor Carly Hood said Council was pleased with the level of engagement and feedback that was received by community members and a report including all the submissions was presented to Council at the meeting.

“The roadmap involved numerous phases of public consultation and exhibition at a local level,” Ms Hood said.

“In the initial community consultation phase to develop the draft Roadmap Council received feedback from a total of 180 people including many detailed suggestions and comments.”

After the draft Roadmap was placed on public exhibition, Council was able to collect a wide range of feedback from community members, with a total of 121 submissions received.

“The purpose of the Roadmap is to support and empower our community to reach 50 per cent reduction in emissions by 2030 and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050,” Ms Hood said.

The goal of net zero refers to reaching an equal balance between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and the amount that is absorbed.

The Roadmap is not a prescriptive, detailed document, but instead encourages our community to engage in as many pathways as possible which is realistic and relevant for each circumstance, and may change over time.

Static display of NZE Community Roadmap engagement stand. A table with black table cloth stands at the front with posters and brochures, and a display is behind the table covered with posters educating public on net zero goals. Council Strategic Sustainability Advisor Carly Hood stands on the left and Mayor Councillor Dallas Tout stands on the right. They both are looking and smiling on the display between them.
ON DISPLAY: Council would like to thank all community members and groups for their feedback while the draft document was on public exhibition earlier this year.

“Net zero is a goal that can only be achieved by the collective efforts of everyone, including individual households, business, industry and all levels of government.

“Council will continue to work and liaise with the Community Net Zero Forum to capture data from the local community on work being done to reduce emissions. The forum includes a mix of residents, businesses, industry groups and government agencies.

“Council will also undertake community surveys periodically to determine how well the wider community is understanding the issue and if the information and education from the Roadmap is helping them to take positive climate action.”

To read the published Roadmap visit the page below:

Wagga Wagga Community Net Zero Emissions 2050 Roadmap