Paramedics and lifeguards and swimming teachers in action during an intensive water rescue and resuscitation simulation
INVALUABLE EXPERIENCE:  Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre lifeguards and swimming instructors receive hands-on training by experts from NSW Ambulance as part of an intensive water rescue and resuscitation simulation.


Oasis staff ‘dive in’ to an intensive water rescue and resuscitation simulation

Published: 16 Nov 2023 3:24pm

Lifeguards and swim teachers at the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre this week underwent intensive education and training on water rescue and resuscitation, using their emergency response skills to control the situation.

The training activity, held on Tuesday 14 November, was part of a joint initiative between Oasis, NSW Ambulance, and Royal Life Saving NSW.

It was the first time the hands-on, simulation-based emergency training session by the experts from NSW Ambulance had been conducted at the Oasis.

Three Oasis lifeguards and swimming teachers working on a dummy during a water rescue and resuscitation simulation.

More than 20 lifeguards and learn-to-swim staff participated in the water rescue scenario / simulation, which replicated a real-life emergency where the lifeguards carried out a water rescue of a 60-year-old male swimming laps in the 50-metre pool.

The man (dummy) suffered cardiac arrest which led to the lifeguards rescuing, phoning emergency services and performing CPR whilst waiting for paramedics.

Once paramedics arrived on scene, it was a joint rescue and revival operation between special operations paramedics and the lifeguards.

Manager Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre Marc Geppert said the staff were keen to ‘dive in’ to the training.

“It was great to see them get so much out of the session, which will better prepare them for an emergency situation,” Mr Geppert said.

“Our lifeguard team have regular training through our internal proficiency training whilst also completing their annual CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard certificates.

NSW Ambulance paramedics training Oasis staff during a water rescue and resuscitation simulation.

“However, the opportunity to simulate real-time emergency situations with the guidance of NSW Ambulance Primary, Intensive Care and Special Operations paramedics, and, to receive on-the-job feedback through this type of experience, is invaluable and hard to replicate.

“It provided our staff with the chance to learn from the best whilst being exposed to the latest techniques and procedure, utilising state-of-the-art emergency equipment like the cardiopulmonary resuscitation LUCAS device.”

The initiative also benefitted the NSW Ambulance staff who participated in and observed the water rescue and resuscitation session for their own training purposes.

With the success of this inaugural event, consideration is being given to making it a bi-annual event for all Oasis staff.