Hemendra Chaudhary and Wendy Harper with Home Energy Efficiency Kit
TIME TO KIT UP:  Council’s Net Zero Emissions Project Officer Hemendra Chaudhary and Wagga Wagga City Library’s Outreach Services Team Leader Wendy Harper with the Home Energy Efficiency Kit available at the library from Tuesday 25 June.


Save money by saving energy

Published: 21 Jun 2024 10:06am

People in Wagga Wagga can now test how much their home appliances are costing them by borrowing a Home Energy Efficiency Kit from Wagga Wagga City Library.

Council’s Net Zero Emissions Project Officer Hemendra Chaudhary said the kits will help people reduce their utility bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Energy efficiency is a great way to save money, and a great way to help save the planet.”

Mr Chaudhary said the kit will help residents identify where they can use less energy and water in practical ways.

“Fifty-two per cent of Wagga Wagga’s greenhouse gas emission comes from energy usage because most of our electricity is generated from coal-fired plants,” Mr Chaudhary said.

“The community can contribute to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 by doing things that will save them money at home.”

The kit comes with four pieces of equipment that will:

  • measure how much electricity is being used by appliances and devices like refrigerators, dryers and laptops
  • reveal hot and cold areas around the house where draughts and missing insulation may be a problem
  • measure the water flow from taps and showers.

The results from these simple tests will help people choose energy efficient appliances, find temperature leaks in their homes and replace inefficient taps and showers.

Home Energy Efficiency Kit

"The kit comes with all the instructions householders will need to use the equipment,” Mr Chaudhary said.

“They can be borrowed from the library for up to 28 days. Kits can be reserved if they are all out on loan.

“Council is committed to helping the community save money by achieving energy efficiency and at the same time creating a sustainable future for everyone.”

Home Energy Efficiency Kits will be available at the library from Tuesday 25 June 2024.

Residents are reminded a special Service Help Desk for community members to receive a guided walk-through of the SunSPOT assessment tool is still operating at the library.

The Help Desk will be held from 2.30pm to 4.30pm every Tuesday in the library’s Learning Space 3.

To book a one-on-one Help Desk appointment, please call our Net Zero Emissions Project Officer on 1300 292 442.